Grading System

Fremont Khalsa School follow the grading structure as follows:

1. Attendance: 20% of the overall grade is based on attendance. All teachers are required to take attendance at the beginning of the class. The school Office Staff maintains the attendance records. Minimum of 60% attendance is required to qualify for promotion. i.e.; All students are required to attend minimum of 20 classes in a year.

The Parent – Teacher conference is held if any student who is absent for more than 3 classes in a row. This may result into disciplinary action.

2. Homework Assignments: 20% of the overall grade is based on Homework assignments. The Khalsa School Office staff encourage the teachers to follow Homework assignments for grading but it is up to teachers’ discretion to manage this policy

3. Test Grades: 60% of the overall grade is based on test scores. Khalsa School holds Midterm tests in December followed by the Final tests in May. It is up to teachers if they want to give out more tests and quizzes to test the knowledge in frequent basis.

It is also up to the teachers to distribute some percentage of the total score on class projects and presentations. Projects and presentations are generally used for spiritual and personal development and solidify confidence in children.

The Parents are encouraged to work closely with the teachers to understand the grade policy for your child(ren)’s class(es).


Test Grade Structure:

Fremont Khalsa School follows California State standards for Grading. The Grading Structure is as follows:

“A+”: 96% to 100%

“A” : 90% to 95%

“B+” : 86% to 90%

“B” : 80% to 85%

“C” : 70% to 79%

“D” : 60% to 69%

“F” : 0% to 59%

The Khalsa School teachers and Office Staff will contact the parents of “D” Grades students to discuss areas that need development. Promotion to the next grade level may be considered conditional and subject to establishing and fulfilling a remediation plan agreeable between the student, parents, teacher, and the school office staff.

“F” defines unsatisfactory work. The Circumstances contributing to this grade stem from various development factors in student’s educational development environment. Student , Teacher, Teacher, Office Staff, and Parent conference is mandatory to discuss factors leading to this situation. Students are encouraged to repeat the same class and improve the test scores for promotion to the next level. Parent – Student – Teacher conference is required at mid-term and final exam stages to assess progress.

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