Mission Statement

Every Student of the Khalsa School Should be fully equipped on three dimensions:$$


Equipped with the knowledge and tools to move along the path of personal spiritual growth as a Gursikh.


Equipped to keep alive the heritage and traditions of Sikhi, while being a confident productive citizen of American Society.


Equipped with the techniques to be an Ambassador of Sikhi to a diverse American Society and future generations of Gursikhs.



Vision and Values

Khalsa School is focused and geared towards the promotion of Sikhism, Gurmat Gyan, and practicing Gurbani into our life.


We cannot lower the importance of academics in our lives. It is vital that you seek to attain your maximum potential in robust academic structure.


Students have different intellectual levels. Concerted effort is required to stay honest maintain discipline to ensure integrity of the School, and of yourself as well.


A Sikh intellectual community cannot maintain its integrity or be faithful to its members if academic dishonesty is tolerated.


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