Library Project details / Info – Summer Program 2018
1. Sunday June 17th, students will be able to check out two books for the summer.  These will be due the first day of the Khalsa School. Refer to Khalsa School 2018-19 Calendar.
2. In case students need to borrow new books over the summer, they or their parent will need to email to the with the times they can visit the library. One of us will arrange a mutually suitable time for them to borrow the book.  We are doing this as very few students showed up on the summer weekends we opened the library last year.
3. Also this year, instead of the book summary, students will be asked to write a book aimed for Early Gurmukhi Reading.
4. Detailed guideline for the book is to be sent to parents (check your inbox).
5. The book writing will be open to adults as well.
6. Books using normal sheets of paper will need to be submitted to Library within three weeks after school start.
7. We are hoping you folks can help us print those in book form.
6. All books will be judged and those selected suitable for addition to the  library collection will be awarded accordingly.
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